8 fun ideas for when you’re at home with the kids

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We asked our Head of Customer Support and full-time Supermom, Margot, to round up some entertaining activities that you can enjoy with your kids. Here’s what she has to say: 

We all have the opportunity to turn this uncertain time into a memorable one for your family, and this is a great time to connect with our kids. My advice is to be present and enjoy this downtime, let the rules lax for a bit, talk about how lucky we are to have each other and why this social isolation is important for our country, and allow your home to be a safe space for your kids to ask questions and share their feelings.

I also want to provide some of my favorite things to do as a family to entertain the little ones during this time. Hope it brings inspiration to all of you mom and dads out there!

  1. Write letters and draw pictures to mail to a nursing home (like my daughter is doing below).
  2. “Camp” in the living room or make forts for a quiet time area or reading nook
  3. Take virtual field trips to places like the Louvre, or watch animal live cams at the San Diego Zoo or Monterey Bay Aquarium.
  4. Have movie nights where you share some of your childhood favorites and pop some popcorn.
  5. Come up with a 5-year plan and dream trips that you want to take in the future as a family.
  6. Read a series of books aloud as a family. Think Harry Potter or whatever is age-appropriate for the whole family.
  7. Have the kids go through their toys and choose some to donate to kids in need (don’t forget to sanitize them before donating!).
  8. Learn about something new as a family such as places, important historical events, natural wonders, etc. and share what each of you learned.

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