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There are numerous challenges with social distancing—one big one for us at Curie is not being able to go to our favorite workout studios. But being at home doesn't mean you can't get your sweat on.

During this time, it's important to support small businesses when you can. So we're highlighting a few local studios around the country that are offering classes online while they're closed:

  • Box Union (Los Angeles): Known for a killer boxing workout, they aren't letting temporary closures get stop you from getting your workouts in. They're posting equipment-less classes on their Instagram.
  • Studio3 (Seattle): Like the name suggests, this studio is three different studios in one. They have infrared, strength, and cycle studios, each with a variety of different classes. They're doing classes at noon on their Instagram Live and are sure to offer variety if you need to switch up your routine.
  • Salt (San Diego): This new studio focuses on pilates mat classes, which makes it perfect to do at home. Non-members can find workouts on their new YouTube channel where they'll be posting 2x a week while they're closed. And on their Facebook group, members plus those who want to do a donation based class can take classes daily. 
  • Cut Seven (Washington, DC): This studio focuses on HIIT, and is offering classes on their Instagram Live every day at 5:30 pm. They also are posting in-feed if you miss a day.

No equipment, no problem: Canned goods or even bottles of alcohol make great weights, just make sure they're the same weight and don't drop them! You can also use socks instead of sliders for a killer ab workout or mountain climbers.

Taking care of your mental health is also so important during this time. There are plenty of apps that you can use, but we want to highlight a small business in San Francisco, Chorus Mediation. You can Zoom into any of their at home classes for only $7 and 100% of class proceeds will be donated to Girls Leadership and Student Nutrition Services provided by the SFUSD.

Have a favorite studio that you want added to the list? DM us on Instagram @Curiebod and we'll update.


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