Our Favorite Scents

Our Favorite Scents

Scents are kind of our thing. Our proprietary signature scents are what make Curie, Curie so naturally- we are obsessed with scent! ! How a product smells can make or break it.


With so many aromatic, clean products out there, we love to experiment with our favorites and layer them together with our favorite Curie scents. 

Here are 10 of our favorite smelling natural products and their perfect Curie match : 


1. Cocokind rose water toner: - Smells amazingly fresh and pairs great with our Orange Neroli deodorant.

2. Osea Body Oil - The perfect post shower hydration product. Leaves your skin so soft, and has a light scent that works well with the White Tea deodorant.

3. Ouai Body Scrub - Perfect for in the shower, leaves a scent of rose and bergamot and layers in well with a spritz of our white tea spray.

4. Saturday Skin brightening eye cream - This super brightening eye cream smells like just a hint of pink lemonade, goes well with Grapefruit as a perfect summer pairing.

5. Neccesaire eucalyptus body wash - This is our favorite for the shower. Gives us full on spa vibes, with no lingering scent after. Mixes well with any three of our signature scents

6. P.F Candle Co Golden Coast Candles -This candle company is also made right here in California, and has the most amazing scents of all kinds. Our favorite is the golden coast, a perfect year round candle for your home's signature scent.

7. Mountain ocean coconut skin trip body lotion : - This lotion is incredibly moisturizing with a very mild, refreshing coconut scent that will transport you straight to the beach. Pairs well with Orange Neroli for a refreshing, summer smell. 

8. Prima CBD bath bomb: - This bath bomb is the perfect detox for sore muscles and relaxation. Perfect for post workout recovery or just a wind down, with a relaxing lavender and eucalyptus scent. Pair with our white tea deodorant post bath.

9. Kai Perfume: - A perfume without all of the bad stuff- one of our all time favorite smells. A subtle, refreshing gardenia scent that layers in beautifully with any of our White Tea products!

10. Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Moisturizer - A deeply hydrating face cream with a refreshing, light rose smell. Perfect to pair with either Orange Neroli or Grapefruit. 

    To try all of three of our signature scents, grab a Better Body Basics starter pack. Which Curie scent is your fave?

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