Sustainable Clothing Brands For Every Occasion

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With the negative environmental impacts and poor working conditions of garment workers that fast fashion produces, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the products they choose to support. The good news is there are clothing retailers that are making major strides in sustainable practices that cater to the comfort and style of your life’s activities!

For the Gym: Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective follows a very socially conscious business model that promotes activism, environmentalism, and positive body image. What’s not to love? They put an emphasis on body shape and size inclusivity in the sale of their products, which consists of mainly activewear and undergarments. In spawning awareness regarding waste, their line of Compressive Leggings is derived from 25 post consumer recycled water bottles. 

For Everyday Wear: Everlane

This San Francisco-based company follows a concept of “Radical Transparency” that is heavily applied to the pricing of their products to ensure that customers are aware of the true cost of their products. They focus on building strong and ethical relationships with their factories, holding a score of 90 or above for each one. With an emphasis on quality over trends, Everlane carries a large collection of women and men’s basics that are essential for every wardrobe.

For Affordability: Pact

Pact provides clothing for the entire family, with their e-commerce website providing shopping for women, men, kids, and infants. They also carry fabrics for bed and bath! Their business model is based on their use of organic cotton, while also being a Fair Trade USA company. With more plain and simple pieces, Pact is the perfect destination to cop your closet staples on a budget.

For the Work Day: ADAY

With a more minimalist fashion approach, ADAY carries amazing options for pieces that are appropriate for the office. Along with business professional and casual clothing, you can also find several comfy basics in monochromatic and attractive muted tones. They have many sustainable clothing campaigns, such as their Plant Life Collection, which contains fabrics made of beechwood tree fibers.

For Trendy Pieces: Reformation

With a vast social media following, Reformation is the go-to site for sustainable, in-style Women’s wear. A significant portion of their garments are made from deadstock fabrics and repurposed vintage clothing. The fibers are categorized based on environmental impact, while every item description provides a sustainability report on how much CO2, water, and waste was saved in the making of the piece. 

These clothing companies, along with others are making a conscious effort to improve their business practices toward reducing their environmental impact, promoting social equality, and providing better labor conditions. As consumers, your next step is to understand the impact of your purchases and make the switch to supporting sustainable practices!

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