Ways to Stay Calm and Practice Self Care

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We know that it’s been a super stressful couple of weeks and we’re here to remind you that in this crazy time, it’s more important than ever to take care of your mental and physical health. We get that it can be tempting to sit on your couch binge reading articles about the pandemic, and while we’re all about staying informed and practicing social distancing we also recommend self care. 

Here are some suggestions to add to your routine: 

Exercise: There’s nothing quite as soothing as a good workout when stress levels are high. Plus, it increases blood flow which circulates white blood cells, helping to boost your immune system. Worried you can’t get your workout in since your gym is closed? Fear not! There’s still the great outdoors, and whether or not exercising outside is your first choice, now is the time to start incorporating walking, hiking, jogging or running into your fitness routine. Live somewhere where the weather is still dreary? Consider starting a home fitness routine. 

Meditate: Studies have proven that meditation can help with stress, anxiety, sleep and it promotes emotional health. Basically, taking time to sit, breathe, and focus can really help calm the nerves. If you don’t have a meditation practice and are unsure of where to start, we recommend an introduction to meditation. Check out Meditation 101 from Headspace to see if incorporating a practice makes sense for you. 

Schedule calls with pals: We get it, social distancing is tough. Saying no to happy hours, dinner parties, and planned trips can be sad and lonely. But it doesn’t mean that you are cut off from your loved ones. Reach out and schedule phone calls, FaceTimes, or group chats with your friends and family. It’ll give you some laughs, remind you that your community is all in this together, and that people you love are just a quick call away. 

Hydrate: Staying hydrated is just so important for every reason. It helps your body eliminate toxins and other bacteria, and this is especially helpful during cold and flu season. Bonus: It just makes you feel good and keeps your skin clear. Win/win/win. 

Cook: We don’t know about you, but listening to podcasts and spending hours in the kitchen prepping food can be extremely therapeutic. We know there have been runs on the grocery store, but we all still have to eat. Plan to go shopping when it’s less likely to be busy, sanitize the cart or basket, don’t touch what you don’t need, and as we’ve heard 100 times, don’t touch your face. We’ve found some of our favorite recipes at Cookie & Kate, Minimalist Baker, Oh She Glows, and F-Factor

Sleep: Just like drinking water, getting enough sleep is fundamental to staying healthy. Getting adequate sleep gives you a sharper brain, boosts your mood, makes workouts easier and, most importantly, helps keep your immune system strong. Too stressed to sleep? Consider making your room a no-phone zone, meditate before bed, drink some tea or look into whether melatonin makes sense for you. Try to get seven to eight hours of sleep a night--your body will thank you. 

We realize that these are simple recommendations but we hope they serve as a reminder to create healthy habits during this tumultuous time. It’s tough out there and practicing self care is more important than ever. Keep healthy, friends!

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