Limited Time Only: Curie Custom Wedding Hand Sanitizers

Limited Time Only: Curie Custom Wedding Hand Sanitizers


Let’s be real: getting married during the middle of a pandemic is probably not how you imagined it going down, but hey, true love waits for no one.


Despite all of the madness of the moment, your wedding should still be filled with joy, excitement, and celebration, so we thought we’d do our part to bring a little happiness (and cleanliness) to your special day by offering limited edition, custom hand sanitizers.


Our gel hand sanitizer has a lot going for it: it’s formulated with clean, intensely hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, prickly pear seed oil, and glycerin; it has a subtle, spa-like scent; and most importantly, it does its damn job – it’s made with 70% ethyl alcohol and meets FDA guidelines. It’ll also give your guests an excuse to tell people how stunning you looked whenever they use it, but that’s just a bonus. Longtime Curie customer Jenna DeMasi says, "I cannot wait to order Curie's custom hand sanitizer for my wedding." See below for details. 


  • Choose between white, pink, or blue label
  • Customize your names and wedding date
  • $5 per bottle, 50 unit minimum
  • Available in White Tea scent



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