Our Standards


Our mission is to create effective products that are safe for your body and the environment. 

- Curie Clean™ means we do not use ingredients known to cause harm to your body or the environment. Curie's no-no list includes:

No endocrine-disrupting ingredients

No petroleum-derived ingredients 

No aluminum

No parabens

No animal-derived ingredients

No cancer-causing ingredients

No animal testing

No ingredients on Credo’s Dirty List™

- Every one of our products is Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty-free.

- We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint in any way that we can. All our packaging is 100% recyclable. Our shipping mailers, shipping boxes, deodorant sticks, and tubes are made of post consumer recycled (PCR) materials.


"Natural" means ingredients that are found in nature, rather than made in a lab. "Clean" is a broader term that refers to ingredients that are safe to use without harm or disruption to your body. Clean ingredients can be natural or lab-made, but the key is they are all tested and deemed safe for the human body.

We developed our Curie Clean standards based on what matters most to us and our customers, which is using ingredients that are safe for our bodies and the environment.


If you flip over our products and look at the ingredient list on the back, you'll notice the term "fragrance" listed. "Fragrance" is a term widely used in the personal care industry to protect proprietary fragrance blends. 

Our Curie Clean™ standards apply to our fragrances, not just our product formulas. Our signature scents are a blend of essential oils, isolates, and synthetic ingredients. We use isolates and synthetic ingredients in our scents primarily due to the irritating effects of essential oils, particularly on delicate underarm skin.

We follow the International Fragrance Associate Standards (IFRA) regulatory and quality assurance process, and we work with our fragrance house to track research and guidance on a quarterly basis to ensure all existing and future scents are safe for use every day. 

Have any other questions about what we stand for at Curie? Email us anytime at sup@curiebod.com.