What Good vibes Smell like


A blend of flowers with a hint of lime, our white tea scent will transport you to the spa with a single whiff of your pits.


Fruity, fizzy, bubbly, and unexpectedly deep, our grapefruit cassis scent is party in the front and business in the background.


Neroli and cedarwood, spiked with citrus smells clean and outdoorsy without making you smell like a pine tree. It's like going on a hike... to brunch.

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Curie Curie

For Humans in Motion

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Keep your standards high & your B.O. low

Curie deodorant is crafted with clean ingredients you won't mind putting all over your bod.
We're as health conscious as you are. Maybe even healthier but who cares it's not a competition.


Take their word for it

“It smells like the Gwyneth Paltrow of deodorants” — Pam T. “I don’t understand how a deodorant could smell so good and work so well”
—Mary M.
“I want to rub it all over my entire body”
— Becca L.

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