5 Reasons People Are Switching to Curie’s Whole Body Deodorant

5 Reasons People Are Switching to Curie’s Whole Body Deodorant

Ever wonder why armpits get all of the deodorant attention? Think about it, your full body sweats, not just your pits! One of the latest trends right now in the body care space is whole body deodorant —  in our opinion, it’s about time! We love that people are finally realizing that spritzing or swiping deodorant all over can help them feel fresh from head to toe.

At Curie, we’ve always believed in full body deodorant 😉, our Deodorant & Body Spray was one of the first products we ever created because we understand the value of keeping dampness at bay and smelling great all over, not just on your underarms!

What is Whole Body Deodorant?

Just like the name suggests, whole body deo can be used all over your body — from your pits and thighs to your feet and back (and anywhere in between) — to freshen up, rebalance your skin, and minimize sweat. Most come in a spray format that makes it easier to reach all of these areas; plus, when made with delightful scents (like Curie’s 😉) these sprays can sometimes double as perfume so you can go about your day feeling confident that you smell amazing! 

Why Curie’s Whole Body Deodorant Stands Out

While whole body deodorant is popping up everywhere, there are a few reasons why Curie’s is the best option out there.

  1. Clean Ingredients: So many deodorants (even spray options) contain aluminum, which clogs pores and sends sweat glands into overdrive. Curie uses clean, vegan ingredients that naturally curb sweat production and bacteria-causing odor. In our Whole Body Deodorant, witch hazel and propanediol (an ingredient derived from corn sugar) minimize dampness; triethyl citrate and sage oil enhance freshness; and probiotics balance out the skin!
  2. Baking Soda-Free Formula: Baking soda is known to sop up sweat, but it also can irritate skin. So, we decided to ditch the ingredient completely to make this formula as gentle as possible — even those with super sensitive skin can confidently spritz away!
  3. Spritz Anywhere You Sweat: Our gentle formula is safe for your most sensitive areas, and since it’s paired with a convenient spray nozzle, you can spritz anywhere (think back, boobs, feet, etc.). The small bottle is also easy to pack in your gym bag or purse so you can grab it anytime you need a quick refresh during the day. 
  4. Non-Aerosol, Recycled Packaging: We’re not just making products better for you — they’re also better for the environment. We specifically opted for a physical spray pump over aerosol on our whole body deodorant to minimize our environmental impact. Additionally, the bottle is 100% recyclable and made out of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials.
  5. Mood-Boosting, Gender-Neutral Scents: Whether you’re spritzing in the morning or need a little midday pick-me-up, you can count on our scents to put you in a good mood and give you the confidence to finish your day on a high note. Be prepared for others to comment on how incredible you smell, too!
“The scents are so refreshing.. my 2 favs are coconut nectar and grapefruit… but you need to try them all!” - Sandy
“Pretty darn good. I now ask my husband to sniff my pits daily cause I’m so shocked at how lovely it smells!” - Liz

Maintain Freshness Everywhere!

Once you experience the power of full body deo for yourself, you’ll wonder why you were only keeping your pits fresh all this time! Your whole body deserves love and attention, and a solid sweat-busting, mood-boosting deo spray is one of the best ways to ensure you stay self-assured, no matter what life throws at you. 

As summer approaches, stay protected with Curie Deodorant & Body SprayYou’ll be glad you have this on hand for those extra hot, sweaty days. Try it today for 10% off with code WHOLEBODY10 and experience the hype for yourself! ✨

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