Curie's Commitment to Sustainability

Curie's Commitment to Sustainability

If you wander through the beauty aisle of your local Walmart, Target, or Ulta, you’ll come across thousands of items packaged into plastic containers that will most likely end up in a landfill. Beyond the packaging dilemma, there aren’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to ingredients. You’d be surprised to learn how many formulas are flagged for containing chemicals that are extremely damaging to the environment…and our bodies. Big yikes… 

At Curie, it’s our goal to make the world a better place with environmentally friendly, good-for-you products. Along with only using clean ingredients, we prioritize using Post-Consumer Recycled materials for our deodorant packaging and shipping mailers. We also value transparency, so our customers (aka YOU!) know every detail about how we source the ingredients that make up our scents and products.  

While these efforts may seem small, they cause a ripple effect that helps make significant change across the industry. And it all starts with education. Below, we give you a closer look into how our sustainability efforts are making the world a better place. 

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Materials

Our deodorant packaging and the boxes we ship your products in are made from post-consumer recycled materials. Essentially, these are items — like water bottles, food containers, or shipping boxes — that could’ve ended up in a landfill, but are getting a new life with Curie. By repurposing these materials, we greatly reduce energy and emissions that would occur if we had to manufacture them from scratch.

Sourcing Fragrance Ingredients

In the U.S., there are minimal regulations when it comes to disclosing fragrance ingredients. Simply listing ‘fragrance’ or ‘flavor’ rather than the full ingredient list is widely accepted, and few fragrance houses are willing to reveal the exact components out of fear of copycats. 

While we care about protecting Curie’s signature scents from duplication, we uphold our transparency values. That’s why you can find the entire ingredient list for each of our signature scents on our website. We clearly outline the name and purpose of each ingredient, as well as where it’s sourced from. 

Each of our fragrances is a blend of essential oils, plant isolates, and safe synthetic ingredients. You can learn more about the exact components that go into our fragrances on the product pages!

Eco-Friendly Solutions

You may use aerosol products — like hairspray, dry shampoo, and some spray deodorants — every day without giving it another thought. Unfortunately, aerosols are one of the worst things for the environment. Aside from emitting harmful greenhouse gasses, they can easily be contaminated with benzene, a carcinogen that can cause serious health concerns. 

When we were developing our spray deodorant, we knew we wanted to avoid an aerosol format at all costs. It’s not worth jeopardizing your health or the environment! That’s why our Deodorant & Body Spray features a manual spray pump. It may not emit an extremely fine mist like aerosol cans do, but you can spritz with confidence every time you use it – let’s be real, a few spritzes are better than one! 😊

We had the same approach when developing our Hair Freshener, and landed on a powder formula with an airless pump application. Instead of using aerosol to pump life back into the hair, this product calls upon the power of clean, highly absorbent powders to sop up sweat and refresh your roots in a pinch. Plus, you’ll have no issues getting it through TSA! 

The Curie Commitment

It’s not just up to companies and corporations to make an environmental difference, YOU have just as much power. By choosing to support Curie and other brands that practice sustainability, you are helping the world become a better place! Ditching aerosol deodorant for Curie Deodorant & Body Spray, swapping out a can of dry shampoo for our Hair Freshener, or even purchasing our Deodorant Stick may not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but each conscious shopping decision helps shift the tide to a more sustainable future! 🩷

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