Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Is Discontinued

Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Is Discontinued

The rumors are true… our Hydrating Hand Sanitizer has officially left the chat. 

After much consideration, our team had to make the difficult decision to no longer manufacture our beloved hand sanitizer. 

Our Hydrating Hand Sanitizer launched in May of 2020 as an effort to truly save our business during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the entire world stuck in their houses, deodorant quickly became less of a necessity and our deodorant sales dropped significantly. We had to shift our thinking to how we could stay afloat during that unprecedented time. 

As you can probably remember, hand sanitizer was SCARCE and hard to come by. Ironically, we had been working on a clean hand sanitizer formula prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and were planning to launch it in October for “flu season”. After we saw our deodorant sales drop overnight, we made the decision to launch our hand sanitizer immediately. And there ya have it, made with prickly pear seed oil and hyaluronic acid, Curie’s Hydrating Hand Sanitizer was born. 

Our hand sanitizer will always hold a special place in our hearts. As a small business, manufacturing the product no longer made sense for the brand. It had dropped to a small percentage of our sales and with current supply chain challenges, we made the collective decision to no longer continue manufacturing and selling the product. 

Not to worry, we have lots of exciting things to come in 2023! :) And for our die-hard hand sani customers, here is a list of Curie’s top hand sanitizer recommendations:

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