International Women's Day: Empowering Scents, Empowering Women

International Women's Day: Empowering Scents, Empowering Women

As a woman-founded and female-led company, International Women’s Day is near and dear to our hearts — and here at Curie, we celebrate women empowerment in everything we do (psst, we’re even named after the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Marie Curie!).

Our fearless founder and leader, Sarah, spent years searching for a natural deodorant that actually worked. (Spoiler alert! The options she came across couldn’t keep up with her busy lifestyle…) So, she decided to take matters into her own hands and bring her vision for effective, great-smelling clean deodorants to life.

Sarah started Curie with a dream and only $12k of her savings. Her top priority: Creating effective clean formulas with mood-boosting scents that would bring a little joy to your everyday routine. Sarah recognized from day one that how you smell can be empowering, which is why she partnered with renowned fragrance developer, Ann Gottlieb, to develop signature scents that inspire and make you feel confident. 

In just 5 short years, Sarah’s vision (and sense of smell) blossomed. Along the way, she scored a deal with Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, expanded Curie’s offerings to a full clean body care line, and hired a complete team of creative women.

Now, along with being female-founded, the Curie team is made up of nine smart, imaginative, problem-solving women. We’re passionately working to bring our loyal customers (aka YOU!) the best natural deos and functional body products in the most incredible scents possible 💗

We put love into everything we make, but our team has a few favorite items they can’t live without:

“I love anything in our new Warm Vanilla scent!” - Sarah, Founder and CEO

   Coconut Nectar Whipped Body Wash is a must-have!’ - Elle, Head of marketing  

“I can’t live without the Warm Vanilla Deo & Body Spray” Margot, Head of Customer Support

“I adore Grapefruit Cassis Moisturizing Hair & Body Oil!” - Suzy, Head of Product Development  

Hair Freshener in Coconut Nectar is a staple in my everyday routine! Although I have dark hair, this product is THE one.” - Courtney, Customer Support  

I’m livin’ in a Warm Vanilla world.” - Kyndra, Customer Support

Orange Neroli spray! I keep one in my car and bag so I have it with me at all times! ” - Rosie, Sr. Retention Marketing Manager

White Tea Hair Freshener! I can go up to 5 days without a wash :) “ - Julia, Marketing Manager

Coconut Nectar deo stick forever and always” - Deanna, Community & Content Manager

Thank you for being a part of the Curie family. By supporting us, you’re supporting women everywhere! ✨

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