Love Letters to Curie

Love Letters to Curie

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air, and we’re feeling the warmth from our amazing Curie community more than ever. As we celebrate love in all its forms, we couldn’t help but share some of the heartwarming messages we’ve received from our cherished community!

💌 Love, Love This Deodorant! 
“I was very skeptical about this product only because I’ve tried so many advertised like this in the past. Believe me when I say THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT, it’s the real deal! I ordered the spray first and then the stick. I love them both! Bye, bye BO and irritation” - Betsy
💌 BEST Deodorant EVER!
“Even if I’m off-grid in our RV and conserving water I can spritz a few sprays of the Curie deodorant & Body spray and I’m as fresh as if I had just showered. LOVE this product! I’m almost 72, so believe me I have tried an abundance of deodorants, Curie is by far THE BEST”. - Jane
💌 Native Convert/Curie Loyalist
“I am officially a Curie loyalist! I have used Native for almost 10 years now (back when they were a startup) but have started to find that the quality of Native isn’t what it used to be and it doesn’t hold all day, which is why I gave Curie a try and I’m so glad I did! It holds all day, I smell wonderful (at dinner time my husband even said “Wow, you smell like amazing!” when I applied earlier in the morning) and there is no irritation or sensitivity. I love love love it and am officially hooked! Thanks Curie! - Karen
💌 The Best of the Best
“I have struggled to find a deodorant that works for my body odor. In my 30s, I finally came to terms with my musk and having to reapply several times a day to keep me smelling somewhat fresh ;) My sister told me about Curie deodorant. I apply every morning, it makes me feel confident and smelling fresh all day long!!! Thank you so much. I am so in love” - Lauren

Your trust and love inspire us to keep innovating and creating products that not only keep you fresh and confident but also nurture your well-being. Your stories inspire us, and we’re here to support you – keeping you fresh, confident, and loved up, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day 🩷

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