Menopausal Sweat & Odor Explained

Menopausal Sweat & Odor Explained

Women’s bodies are ever-changing, yet some of the most significant — and honestly, aggravating — changes occur during menopause. Between the ages of 45 and 55, menopause starts to take effect. Throughout this time you can expect to experience hormonal fluctuations which lead to hot flashes, excess sweating, and oftentimes new (read: unpleasant) body odors. 

Needless to say, menopause — and all of the shifts that come with it — often gets a bad rep. 

It doesn’t have to be awful, though! Proper education can prepare you for this era, helping you to understand why your body is changing and giving you the resources to power through (and thrive!) with confidence! 

Why Do You Smell Worse During Menopause?

Hot flashes and night sweats are two of the most common menopausal traits. When your body heats up, it in turn produces more sweat, so it makes sense that hot flashes trigger excess perspiration. Additionally, major hormonal shifts during this time affect your sweat — specifically when it comes to estrogen and testosterone. As estrogen levels drop down testosterone naturally increases, which attracts more bacteria. Combined, these two phenomena create an environment where odor-causing bacteria flourishes, resulting in funkier-smelling sweat 🫠

The Importance of High-Quality Deodorant

We know that these changes are downright annoying, but there are ways to combat the stench as well as that uncomfortable damp feeling. The most effective approach? Using a high-quality deodorant! Some formulations will only mask the odor, which helps in the short term but can actually make things more unpleasant in the long term… 

To ensure you’re completely getting rid of the funk, you’ll want to opt for a powerfully clean deodorant, like Curie’s Deodorant Sticks and Sprays! Our formulas are infused with probiotics that completely neutralize odors and rebalance the skin’s microbiome. Just a swipe or spritz keeps that stench-causing bacteria and you dry throughout the day!

How Curie can help!

Menopausal effects can come at you fast, so we recommend using our trusty three-step system to detox, protect, refresh, and restore your confidence!

  1. Fully clear out pores and draw out odor-causing bacteria with the Armpit Detox Mask. A purifying mix of bentonite clay, kaolin clay, and activated charcoal completely cleanses and revitalizes the area. Use it weekly to help regulate your body’s processes and stay fresh!
  2. Follow up with our powerfully clean Deodorant Stick. The clean formula effectively gets rid of odors while also keeping you dry in the process (without any pore-clogging ingredients like aluminum!). 
  3. For those times when hot flashes randomly strike, keep the Deodorant & Body Spray on hand for an extra dose of protection! A quick mist will have you feeling totally refreshed!

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to our customers who have relied on Curie through menopause:

“I’m 46 and after years of struggling with change in body odor and the start of hot flashes, I gave Curie’s Deodorant Spray a try and I’m so glad I did. I finally smell confident again! ” - Sharyn 

Make Menopause Easier!

Whether you’re just beginning menopause or in the thick of it, choosing high-quality Curie Deodorant can help you handle those annoying hot flashes and tackle the funk! Remember, all women experience menopause in their lifetime, and while it can feel isolating, know that you’re not alone! Millions of women are facing these changes, and if you really think about it, someone else in your circle is probably dealing with hot flashes, night sweats, and funky B.O. 

Leaning on and uplifting the other women in your life can make a major difference in the mental effects of this life phase! With a solid support system — and Curie on hand — you’ll be able to breeze through menopause and all the life stages that follow 💕

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