New & Improved: Mini Deodorant Sticks!

New & Improved: Mini Deodorant Sticks!

Hey there Curie fam, remember our cute little mini deodorant sticks you used to adore? Well, we’ve revamped them, making them even better and more sustainable than before! 

We’ve all had a love affair with our Mini Deodorant Sticks in the past. Those tiny companions were perfect for slipping into our bags, ensuring freshness on the go. You adored them, and you asked for more! However, they were a bit tricky to apply and the packaging didn't meet our sustainability goals. So, we decided it was time to give our minis a facelift 😏

Introducing our NEW Mini Deodorant Sticks

Curie’s new Mini Deodorant Sticks have our same tried and true Curie formula but in a cute petite size! Not only are they adorably compact, but they’re also crafted with sustainability in mind. We’ve reduced plastic waste by a whopping 60% compared to other travel-sized deodorant sticks. That means you can freshen up guilt-free, knowing you’re contributing to a greener planet! 

More Product, More Delight

We’ve made sure you get more bang for your buck with our new Minis. Our previous Mini Deodorant Stick contained 0.35 oz of product, and our upgraded sticks offer a generous 0.5 oz. Now you can enjoy even more of your favorite Curie scents and have it last a little longer. 

Easy Application / How To Use

  1. Flip the tab on the back
  2. Twist the cap to open
  3. Apply for a smooth application

Innovative Packaging:

The possibilities are endless with our versatile Mini Deo Sticks. Here are a few exciting ways you can incorporate them into your daily routine:

  1. Travel Companion: Planning a getaway? Our Minis are TSA-friendly and can be easily tucked into your carry-on without hogging precious space in your suitcase.
  2. Sharing is Caring: These little gems are perfect for spreading love and sharing freshness. Share them with your friends, family, or anyone, they’ll thank you for it!
  3. Find Your Signature Scent: If you haven’t nailed down your favorite Curie scent, no sweat! Our minis are great for sampling 💗
  4. Petite Protection: Keep a Mini Stick within reach wherever you go. Whether it's your gym bag, car glove compartment, or office drawer, you’ll always have freshness at your fingertips! 

    With our all-new Mini Deodorant Sticks, sustainability and freshness go hand in hand. Embrace the convenience, experience the delightful scents, and join us in reducing plastic waste – one pit at a time! Get your hands on our upgraded Mini Sticks today and continue making moves that keep you feeling confident, no matter where life takes you.

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