Our New & Improved Deodorant Stick Packaging

Our New & Improved Deodorant Stick Packaging

We’re a deodorant company—can you blame us for wanting to keep things fresh? 

We’re excited to share that your favorite deodorant is all dressed up. Our signature deodorant sticks have a brand new look, with the same great Curie quality you’ve come to expect. 

This is a makeover inspired by you – our Curie Community.  We aren’t kidding when we say we read every email, comment, and DM!  Based on your feedback, we’ve upgraded our packaging. 

  1. New cap = no more wasted product! Say goodbye to flimsy caps scraping product and causing a mess. Our tried and true formula paired with a sturdier cap material ensures a smooth and clean application every.time.
  2. Added a scent illustration to the front of the packaging. A picture’s worth a thousand words, right? These graphics will help you spot your signature smell on the shelf and may even inspire you to try out a new scent! 

You can look forward to these Curie cuties popping up in your next order. Don’t be afraid to pose with the new package and tag us @curiebod! We can’t wait to hear what you think 😊

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