The Story Behind Warm Vanilla

The Story Behind Warm Vanilla

We’ve been working for the last 10 months behind the scenes to bring you our best scent yet… Brace yourselves because Ann Gottlieb, renowned fragrance developer and ‘the nose behind CPG’, has worked her magic once again. As you may know, we had the honor of working with Ann to craft our Coconut Nectar scent, which launched last year and quickly rose to the top as our bestselling scent – both in Walmart and on our website! She has developed fragrances for some of the largest names in the industry like Dior and Marc Jacobs. This time, she’s sprinkled a dash of warmth, a dollop of coziness, and a whole lot of love into our newest signature scent, Warm Vanilla 🤎

Bundle up in Warm Vanilla. Our coziest scent yet blends notes of madagascar vanilla, soft amber, and creamy almond milk creating a comfort that feels like a warm hug on a chilly day. 

“So… Why Vanilla?”

Ann had this dream of crafting a Curie fragrance that’s like a cozy blanket for your senses, something that wraps you in warmth and leaves you feeling like you’ve just received a fragrant hug. She shares, “So, why vanilla? We had such an unbelievable experience with Coconut Nectar, so we know we were on the right track”. Vanilla is a note in every fragrance Ann has developed; she says it’s her ‘good luck charm’, her secret for spreading joy through fragrance. However, this is the very first time she has formulated a vanilla scent that is meant for underarms – a totally different ballgame. Ann spills the vanilla beans 😉 about this challenge, “That’s probably the part that took the longest, to have a translation of vanilla that wasn’t too gourmand, wasn’t too sweet, which would be a turnoff for underarms, so we were able to construct a fragrance that has this little sparkly top to it that then evolved into this yummy vanilla.”

In a world where transgenerational customers are becoming more comfortable with their bodies, there’s a noticeable shift in the fragrance market. Ann exclaims, “There has been a big shift from fresh fragrances to warmer fragrances because we, as an industry, made the connection that fresh fragrances, especially for deodorants, had to be clean and herbal and all of that”. Gen Z, specifically, are the real drivers of this shift, “comfort is very important to them as a generation and the Curie line is such a great example of subtler fragrances. The big companies have not acknowledged that. They think everybody still wants to know that they can kill whatever odor is under their arms with heavily scented deodorant, which is no longer the case. As you can imagine, Vanilla is definitely making a comeback”. 

Comfort is key, and today, the American culture is all about feeling good. The geniuses in the fragrance industry, led by Ann, realized that we’re no longer wearing scents for others; we’re wearing them for ourselves. That’s where our Warm Vanilla scent shines. It’s not just a deodorant scent; it’s a mood, a confidence boost, a little reminder that you’re out there making moves and smelling amazing while doing it. Shop now and experience the comforting embrace of Warm Vanilla yourself! ✨

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