What Is Clean Dry Shampoo?

What Is Clean Dry Shampoo?

We all know the feeling of waking up in the morning with lifeless, greasy hair, but don’t have the time or energy to give it a wash… don't sweat it, we’ve got you! 

Say hello to the newest edition to the Curie lineup - Hair Freshener, a clean, non-aerosol dry shampoo. Your new go-to product for refreshing your hair and keeping it looking clean and healthy between washes.

We created Hair Freshener with our Curie community in mind, providing a convenient and effective hair-care solution for humans in motion. We believe everyone deserves to look and feel their best, even on a time crunch – Hair Freshener makes it possible!

It’s the perfect blend of hair-nurturing ingredients and smell-amazing scents that are powerful enough to absorb, yet light enough, leaving your hair smooth and lively. Oh, and did we mention it comes in the form of an airless pump?! 🤩

Check out some of our favorite features below:

Hair-Nurturing Ingredients

Our Hair Freshener is made with clean ingredients including rice starch, arrowroot powder, and kaolin clay, which work together to absorb excess oil and sweat, leaving your hair feeling fresh and looking flawless! They also provide a gentle exfoliation for your scalp, helping to unclog hair follicles and remove any buildup. 

The product not only enlivens your hair but also nourishes it. Filled with antioxidant-rich ingredients like celery seed extract and glycerin, this product not only refreshes your hair but also leaves it stronger, healthier, and moisturized. We’ve created the lightest weight formula, so lightweight that it won’t leave your hair feeling stiff or crunchy. The formula is also very versatile and works on all hair types and colors, so whether you have fine, thin hair or thick, curly hair, you can use it to refresh those luscious locks!

Smell-Amazing Scents

We’ve combined our fan-favorite signature scents with hard-working, clean ingredients to give you a dry shampoo that not only makes your hair look good but also smells amazing. Unlike traditional dry shampoos, the strength of the scent is not overpowering, making it the perfect solution for those who are sensitive to bold or more powerful scents. 

Air-less Pump Application

Another benefit, one we are most excited about, is that our Hair Freshener comes in the form of an airless pump! You’re probably used to typical drugstore dry shampoo, in the form of an aerosol spray can. Those aerosol sprays are more harmful to the environment (check out our Aerosol Spray Blog Post), and not always great for our health, so we decided to steer towards a more sustainable option.

Aerosol sprays contain alcohol, which can be harsh on your scalp, causing irritation and dryness. With our Hair Freshener, you don’t have to worry, the airless pump delivers a fine mist of powder directly to your roots and blends in seamlessly. It also does a great job of volumizing your hair, without the need for any harmful propellants or chemicals!

We are so excited to offer our Curie community a new, clean, easy-to-use hair care solution! With its’ hair-nurturing ingredients, amazing scents, and airless pump application, Hair Freshener is a game-changer for those looking to simplify their hair care routine. Order yours today - trust us, your hair will thank you! 😊

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