Our Cause

When starting, our mission was to give women the confidence to accomplish their dreams and feel good about themselves.

Curie was founded in San Francisco where, as many of you know, homelessness is a big and growing issue. It’s hard to sit back and watch people around you struggling every day and we were determined to find a way to help. Sarah, Curie’s founder, started volunteering with a nonprofit called Simply the Basics, which aims to restore women living in homelessness with their dignity by providing simple (but important) hygiene products we all take for granted, such as toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, and—you guessed it—deodorant. Through stuffing hygiene kits for shelters around the city, and by helping put on Women’s Empowerment Day for homeless women, she was able to make a small difference, but wanted to do more. 

We quickly realized our mission needs to include all women, even those who couldn’t afford the luxuries that are so easy to take for granted. Simply The Basics was the perfect organization to help us achieve this.

One stick of Curie Deodorant gets donated to Simply the Basics for every five sold on our website, with the goal of one day having a stick of Curie deodorant in every hygiene kit handed out across the country.

When people are able to properly care for their bodies, they have more success fighting illness, finding jobs, and surviving—even beating—homelessness.

We believe that this small act has the power to make women feel empowered, dignified, and healthy. When you choose Curie, you're supporting a brand that strives to help ALL women across the country live healthier lives.