"This product is for people who are pushing boundaries day in and day out. Who are building careers, families, companies and lives."

You know that overwhelming feeling of love and adoration that people talk about experiencing when they give birth to their first child? Yup, that’s how I feel about Curie...except way less painful. 

I founded Curie in 2018 after coming up with the idea while working in Venture Capital (if you've never heard of it, google HBO’s Silicon Valley, they pretty much nail it). 

Between my career and personal life, I was always burning the candle at both ends: rushing from meeting to meeting, traveling weekly for business and for pleasure, and challenging myself with the occasional half marathon, spin class, or backpacking trip. I was always in motion. Most days, I was leaving my apartment at 7AM and getting home after 8PM. I was also using natural deodorant to keep my pits paraben-free. At the end of the day I’d find myself feeling like a #boss but definitely not smelling like one. And I realized, talking to friends, I wasn’t alone.

I tried every brand under the sun but nothing felt right. The products weren’t effective enough and left me smelling like a pine tree. They weren’t built for the type of person I worked hard to be.

That is what got me started on a mission to make clean, safe, and effective products for people who move. This product is for people who are pushing boundaries day in and day out. Who are building careers, families, companies and lives, and need a deodorant that can keep up. 

It’s our job to keep you smelling fresh, so you can focus on what truly matters.

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Thank you so much for your support. 

Stay fresh!


Founder & CEO