Our Story

You know that overwhelming feeling of love and adoration that people talk about experiencing when they give birth to their first child? Yeah, that’s how I feel about Curie. She's my baby that I’ve loved and nurtured for the past year and now I get to share her with the world.

The idea behind Curie was seeded a long, long time ago. Frustrated by the lack of options, and after testing just about every all-natural deodorant on the market, I decided to do what any good Pinterest-crazed millennial would do - I made my own. I wanted something all-natural and free of harmful chemicals, parabens, and aluminum. But I didn’t want my pits to smell like eucalyptus and sage. I didn’t want to dip my fingers in a pot and smear it on my underarms every morning. And I sure as hell wasn’t going to trust a crystal to control these overactive sweat glands. I tried everything and was fed up.

When I started testing formulas, my checklist was simple: 1) natural ingredients 2) smells amazing 3) actually works. After lots of testing, and months of putting my family and friends through sniff tests (“comon, mom, just a quick sniff!”) I came up with a formula that combines sweat wicking ingredients, like baking soda and corn starch, with antibacterials, like tea tree oil and citrus extracts, plus soothing ingredients, like shea butter and chamomile extract, and a scent that will have your friends and family begging for a sniff test. Best of all, this stuff actually works. I'm no longer making it in my kitchen - and that's a good thing for everyone. 

If you’ve made it this far, I ask you to be my ally. Help a sista out. Tell me what you think. Tell me what you love about Curie. Tell me what you don’t love about it. And if you like it, share it with your friends. 

To all you sweaty chicks out there, this stick's for you. 

With love,


Founder & CEO