Introducing our Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

Introducing our Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

One of the ways we connect with new customers is through fitness studio partnerships. Over the past year, several of our studio partners have asked if we could deliver a better hand sanitizer. “Better”, meaning: better ingredients, better smell, and better for you. Much like deodorant, we decided this was a product we could improve, and we’ve been working behind the scenes developing our own unique hand sanitizer formula. After months of testing, we finalized the formula, and were planning to launch this product in October, in time for “flu season”. Then, in early March, the world changed.

A product that we thought would be primarily for our fitness studio partners turned into an integral part of everyone’s daily routines, practically overnight. As a team, we decided that launching the product as soon as possible was the right thing to do to help our community. We got on the phone with our lab, manufacturers, and designer, and with a lot of hard work and coordination, we moved our production timeline up by 6 months.

Welcome the newest addition to the Curie lineup: Hydrating Hand Sanitizer. 

Using hand sanitizer isn’t typically something you’d label as “enjoyable” or “luxurious”. Our hope is that this product changes that experience; and adds a little joy to what would otherwise be a mundane moment.

You’ll notice right away that the texture of the gel is silkier than your average hand sanitizer. And that is definitely by design. We want you to feel like you’re using a skincare product, more than a hand sanitizer. And thanks to three superstar ingredients, we’re able to deliver that:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid - A powerful humectant that helps draw in and retain moisture in the skin. It is a very common skincare ingredient, but is not a very common hand sanitizer ingredient...until now! 
  2. Prickly Pear Seed Oil - A highly moisturizing, skin-softening oil derived from a cactus (pretty counterintuitive, eh?). It’s high in Vitamin E & K and contains nourishing essential fatty acids.
  3. Glycerin (vegetable-derived) - Also a powerful humectant, glycerin is a well known ingredient for super-hydrated skin (next time you put on a face mask, check the ingredients. More likely than not, glycerin is one of the first listed). Glycerin is a savior for dry, dehydrated and over-washed skin.

Our super hydrating formula leaves your hands feeling the way your face feels after you slather a moisturizing serum on it. Silky smoooooth. Unlike some of the conventional hand sanitizers out there, we only use clean ingredients and we bottled it up in a 2oz recyclable bottle with a handy locking treatment pump so it doesn’t spill when it inevitably lands upside down in your purse or backpack. We will also be launching our very first refill program next month, so please keep the packaging and refill it so we can help reduce plastic waste. 

Last, but most definitely not least, we are donating a significant portion of our first production run to people on the front lines of this pandemic. As a team, we decided we wanted to do our part to help those on the frontlines. We sit at home comfortably on Zoom calls all day, while millions of people are on the frontlines making sure the rest of us are taken care of. From day one, we’ve always prioritized giving back to our community, and during COVID-19, this is our way of showing our support. Starting today, you can nominate yourself or others to receive our new hand sanitizer, on us. We want to hear about the amazing people in your community who are having a big impact and may need a helping hand. 

For everyone else, we will begin accepting pre orders of our hand sanitizer today! 

Lastly, thank you to our Curie community for being so supportive during this time. As a small business, operating under all this uncertainty has been...scary. Waking up every day to emails from our customers, positive feedback, and of course, orders, has quite literally kept us going. 

Sarah, Founder & CEO

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