Spritz, spritz, hooray!

Spritz, spritz, hooray!

We have a little confession: a few months ago we developed a brand new product. We worked on the formula for over a year until our team was obsessed with the final product. But launching a brand-new product after 18 months with one single product felt like a HUGE deal. As you know, we keep our standards high, so we weren’t about to launch anything new unless we were sure we had a winner on our hands…and under our arms.

So we spent the last three months “piloting” our new product in the sweatiest place we could think of: fitness studios. We had over 5,200 people test the product before and after their workout and it was a hit. Today, we’re excited to share Curie Deodorant Spray with you.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • So fresh, 100% clean: Remember our new stick formula, made with sage oil and other plant-based enzymes? We mayyyy have borrowed some of those ingredients when we realized how effective they were in the spray. Curie Deodorant Spray is also vegan and made with completely clean ingredients.
  • Baking soda-free: Baking soda can irritate some people’s skin, so we formulated our spray deodorant with absolutely none of it.
  • Light as a feather: The spray formula is so light, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it! No residue or stickiness in sight.
  • For your whole bod: It’s safe to apply anywhere you break a sweat. Think of it as your favorite body spray from the 90’s, but this one works overtime.
  • Non-aerosol, recyclable bottle: We use an environmentally-friendly, non-aerosol bottle. Plus, as always, our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Here’s what some of our very first users had to say:

“My yoga studio just started carrying this in their bathrooms and I’m obsessed. I walked around my floor and made all my coworkers smell me the first day I wore it. This is the only natural deodorant that’s ever worked for me. And it smells soooooooo good!!!!!” –Natalie


“I. am. not. a. reviews. girl. That's how in love with this spray I was when I stumbled upon it at my yoga studio. It smells DIVINE, my first thought was actually that I wish this was made into a perfume..so fresh, pleasant, not overpowering, doesn't smell synthetic or fake..unique scent, hard to describe.” –Diana


“I tried your Orange Neroli spray and I’m absolutely obsessed! How can I get my hands on some for me and tell all of my friends? I am always looking for high quality / good smelling natural deodorant and I think I found my match!” –Samantha

So go ahead, put us to the test. We can’t wait for you to try it out and let us know what you think!

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