The Importance of Post Consumer Recycled Materials

The Importance of Post Consumer Recycled Materials

Here at Curie, we create effective products that are safe for your body and the environment. Although we’re always strict on using only clean ingredients, we believe that the material that holds and ships our products is just as important. 

While we’ve always had mailers that are made out of previously recycled paper, our goal is for all of our products to have PCR packaging by 2021. Let’s dive into the reasoning behind using PCR materials and why we support it.

What does PCR mean?

PCR stands for post consumer recycled materials. It’s made from products that are at the end of their use and made their way to a landfill or recycling center. The material is taken from those centers and used to make new goods. It could be anything from paper, to plastic, to fiber, and more. Since PCR is made out of recycled products, that means that it too is recyclable.  

What is PCR resin?

Post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins are the recycled materials derived from existing PET bottles and other plastics. Its manufacturing process begins at recycling centers, where spent plastic waste is collected, sorted, and sterilized. Then, the plastic is melted down into new materials and repurposed into new packaging options. As a more sustainable option, many manufacturers are turning to work with community recycling programs to decrease the amount of waste sent to landfills. 

What are the benefits of PCR resins?

In short, PCR resins are made from the plastic that we already have! Without the need for raw materials, the reuse of plastics is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. The process of reproducing existing materials requires less energy, water, and fossil fuels, while also leading to reduced pollution and wasted resources. 

How to support companies using PCR resins

The integration of PCR packaging has enabled many companies to reduce their carbon footprint and satisfy consumer preferences for sustainably conscious business ventures. The recycled materials are often used by businesses for mailers, containers, and countless other forms of paper and plastic. 

Our deodorant sticks switched to PCR resin in May, and I bet you couldn’t even spot the difference. They look and feel the same, but are so much better for the environment. Our mission is to reduce our use of virgin plastic by 2021—it’s small tweaks in business practices and product choices that can make a positive change to the environment.

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