Meet Our New & Improved Aluminum-Free Stick Deodorant

Meet Our New & Improved Aluminum-Free Stick Deodorant


Meet our new and improved stick deodorant formula! This has been a long time in the making, and is all based on feedback from YOU, our Curie community. 


One of the biggest pieces of feedback we've received is that the texture of our deodorant was slightly gritty. Your armpits are delicate, and the last thing we all want is rough deodorant. The drugstore stuff is full of chemicals that make it silky smooth, which is why people sometimes struggle with natural deodorants. We worked with our lab to mimic that silky smoothness, while still upholding our clean standards

To improve the texture of our deodorant, first we decided to reduce the amount of corn starch, and use a triple milled supplier. If anyone has ever used corn starch in a recipe, you know it can be a bit gritty. Triple milling corn starch turns it into a finer powder. We also reduced the amount of corn starch overall by about 10%.

The second way we improved the glide-ability of our stick deodorant was by replacing sunflower seed wax with castor wax. Castor wax is an all natural vegetable wax rich in triglycerides and omega fatty acids, and is an excellent emollient for skincare products. It helps create that smooth glide we all love. 


Last year, we brought on legendary scent connoisseur, Ann Gottlieb, as our new "Chief Scent Officer". Ann is the "nose" behind Dior, Calvin Klein, and dozens of other iconic brands we all know and love.

We took your feedback and got to work with Ann to make our fragrances even better, while still upholding Curie's clean standards. We’re so excited with the results! They're the same scents you know and love, just elevated :)
Of course we would never, ever make any changes to our formulas without first consulting our Curie community. We sent samples of the new and improved formula to 300 members of our community to make sure you all loved it as much as we do! 
100% of testers found the new texture more appealing:
100% of testers would purchase a deodorant with this new formula:
57% of customers found the new formula more effective, and 43% found the new formula as effective as our current formula. 0% of customers found it less effective.

We are SO excited for you to try! Shop all three signature scents today. 

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